Saturday, 17 May 2008

Summer Mix '08.

Here is a nice summer mix with everyone from Aretha Franklin to Justus Kohncke on it. It's only 45 minutes long so definitely worth a listen, even if only for the Fleetwood Mac remix. Thanks to Phil for giving me a heads-up on a few of the tracks.

If you want a copy of this mix just email me at , its not longer online. Sorry.


1. Disco Version - Microworld
2. Toot D'Amore (Prins Thomas Bogus Bonus) - Chin Chin
3. Back Of The Van (Mock & Toof Mix) - Ladyhawke
4. Falling (Prins Thomas Miks) - Jape
5. Get It Right (instrumental) - Aretha Franklin
6. Happy House (Prince Language Dub) - Juan Maclean
7. You Make Loving Fun (Trailmix Mix) - Fleetwood Mac
8. Sequencer (Stefan Goldmann 2nd Version) - Force of Nature
9. Yacht - Justus Kohncke
10. OMG - The Beat Broker
11. A Feeling Of The All-Thing - Kelley Polar

Glasgow Alleys.